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Tree Service Minimum $450

Westside LA Tree Service Company suggests tree trimming is no easy task due to difficult tree locations, certain trees require extra tree trimming and requires very skilled and experienced tree trimmers. Supreme Tree Experts manage and care for specializing in identifying a customers' liabilities and employ best practices in managing large tree projects with experience!


Westside Tree Removals & Stump Grinding

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Tree Minimum $450

Westside LA Tree Removals & Stump Grinding project managers monitor each job carefully listen to the needs of the client. Without proper tree maintenance, tree removal is sometimes required because branches rub together, creating entry points for pests or disease pathogens and even death.


Westside Palm Skinning & Trimming Service

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Tree Service Minimum $450

Westside Palm Skinning & Trimming Service is the term used to describe removing the spent frond attachments from the trunk. It adds aesthetic value by creating a more even, smooth texture on the trunk surface. Most palm trees in Southern California are primarily Washingtonia or Phoenix genus. 365 is OK to trim palm trees.


Westside Emergency Tree Removal Service

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Tree Service Minimum $450

Westside Emergency Tree Removal Service really is a valued service proved by Supreme Tree Experts. Tree Emergencies can happen suddenly, and can be costly if your certified expert isn't licensed, bonded and insured like us! Call now, we understand how devastating this can be, call your trusted tree expert!


Westside Certified Arborist Service

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Our Certified Arborists are trained to evaluate the root structure, soil conditions, wellness of the branches, stability of the trunk and overall tree health. A Tree Evaluation will help you understand each individual current tree condition, future needs and how to care for your tree properly year round. This takes time and an action plan to accurately convey the tree health of your property and the desired course of action to keep them healthy.


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"Just used Supreme Tree again. You guys did an amazing job yet again on my trees. Couldn't tell they were even there. No debris left anywhere and all the trees look beautiful. Thanks!"

Beverly Hills, CA

"Needed five large queen palms removed and stump groun in the back yard of my home right on a large cliff. They were quick and efficient. I will use them again in the future, very tricky job done right!"

Santa Monica, CA

"Temis Gonzalez and his crew did an outstanding job, once again! Fast, professional, and gave us a reasonable quote! This is not our first experience with Supreme and will not be our last!"

Redondo Beach, CA

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